So, I’m 23 years old girl from Slovenia. Had my up’s and down’s in life. And today I’m very very proud of myself. I hope that someday I could help somebody to make it through difficult times in there life.

I think that this world need a little more focus on making other’s happy and of course  yourself, to have a little more patience and understanding. Our biggest problem is that we want everything right now, well we are forgetting all the things we already have and we are taking  them for granted.

Just think for a second, how many things you have and you are forgetting how important they are? Not to mention that somebody, somewhere will do anything to have that?  

Appreciate it.

My idea for making this blog, comes from a question in my head ; What can i do today to make something good for others?  And because I don’t have money to feed poor  or make any other great great thing.. I’ve come with this idea. To make somebody smile or cast a glimmer of hope to somebody who need’s it. And why not make something other on internet, than just using Facebook and Instagram..

So I hope you will enjoy!

Please leave comments, I will appreciated.

And remember;


Love, Taša

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