What have in common LIFE and WEATHER?


We all love summer, right? And most don’t like winter a lot. But they always repeat – like summer so does winter, spring and autumn. »Maybe you already know what Im talking about.« And through all the  years we all have learn that’s really nothing we could do about weather seasons, they come and go, every year. Well in life is pretty much the same, we have spring when everything starts to grow, you have new goal new focus, then comes summer when you seeing some results , next one is autumn when rains a lot but it’s still colourful and well everytime also comes a winter – you know times when dosen’t go everything like we were planing. The only diffrence between weather and life is that in life we can control our actions and reactions! And sometimes is first spring and then from nowhere can come winter  ” well we think it comes from nowhere.” Your starting with some big goals, everything goes according to plan and you are really starting to enjoy, then some events happen that you didn’t expect and it’s seems that everything goes to hell? Well I know that situation pretty well, it’s all part of life. Though we can not delete that »winter« events in our life we could prepare for it  and we can do something about it rather than be emotional freaks – like blaming everything around us – other people or feel sorry for yourself.

When it comes winter in weather season you go dress something warmer, right? You don’t feel sorry for yourself neither do you blame other people that you are cold or that is snowing outside. You go and find the solution to make you feel better.

– Why don’t we do the same in our lifes when it comes to winter? Why don’t we go after solution rather than stick to our excuses and in meantime doing nothing about making things better?

The reason lies in your head in your state of mind. We’ve learned ourself through years that kind of respond on situations. Well it’s not only our fault, the parents taught us and they didn’t even know it, people around taught us. And in the end it became a habit, it’s nothing more than habit and we can change it. »First step is to be aware of it.«

To understand a little better about what I am talking about, I’ve got a short story for you:

Rocky is a little mouse and he is at beginning of spring in his life. He made a decisicion to plant some seeds so he could enjoy their products when they will grow! He is searching right place for them – so he can take care of them and watch them grow. And he made a plan – he decided that he will  really take care of them, everyday he will  get up and go watered them. He knew that somedays  he will spend more time watering them and some days less »but they will not grow if he don’t carefully watch them and do everything so they can become big and healthy to bring him products that he wishes for.« So he stick to his commitment.

Rocky wakes up every morning convinced in his seeds, with all focus. He keep the discipline.  Little by little he start to recognizing how seeds are turning to plants and he is absolutly overjoyed! Here is his first feeling that summer is near! »Greeeat feeling, he thinks to himself. Everything is possible, I can do it!« So he continue to follow his plan – everyday! Finally through little more time what Rocky planted has giving him some products – and summer is officially here for Rocky! He is really thrill that is working so good for him!

For a couple more days he goes and check his plants, but then one morning Rocky  sleeps a little longer and think to himself »It should not be a problem if I don’t check it one day« and that one day turns to a week. When he finally remembered that his plants maybe need some water and to go check at it, he realize that they are pretty much thirsty and if that is not enough he see some follows of insects. » Well I think autumn is near for Rocky already. It’s still colourful but a little rainy« With all power that Rocky has, he tries to do everything to save his plants, but he is not so sure if thats possible »IT CAN BE DONE, but his focus is more on what his done wrong and all the insects rather than SOLUTION!« So through couple of days Rocky don’t see any good changes and ALL his POWER goes to 50%. Then few more days pass it by and he still can’t see any changes – are you already smelling  winter?

Now he is really really scared of what will happen and he lost almost all focus that was there at beginning of spring..

So if you can decide instead of Rocky how will you survive this winter? Ask yourself?

  • Will you let it all go with saying to yourself »that was not your year – anyway you can try it next spring?«, find milion excuses why it didn’t work? »If just that insects wouldn’t appeared, they’ve spoiled all.«
  • Or will you take situation in your hands and find some solutions? Admit to yourself that you’ve screwed things? »Cuz deep inside you already know that insects always come, always. You are in charge to get rid of them, so that your plants can grow on.«

Would you learn something and do everything to save your plants? Or would you wait for another spring? To do it again and again and again.

Of course if your plants don’t make it through winter, I hope you will do it again next spring. But would you try your best? or will you just let it go?


We can not erase winters in our life, no matter if is our or others fault for them to happen. But we can take right actions and reactions to solve them the best way we can!

Love, Taša




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