Be positive

Battles in our mind


Well one of the hardest things to deal with is absolutely opinions of others, or better yet, to deal with yourself and overcome what others think. I think this is the biggest challenge for me in my life.. That little voice in my head that every now and then wants to fight whit me – about who’s right? Me or them? I’ve  need it to work very hard on my mindset cause that kind of things, did bring really unwanted feelings in me. Sometimes I was so sad that I even didn’t want to go out of my house! Does this ever happened to you? I know how bad that can be. Your motivation goes to zero and even your physical strength is very low. I seriously was at that kind of times only for eating chocolate and watching sad movies. There wasn’t any power to bring me back from that sad place, and that could last for days. Everything in my life was suffering because of that little voice in my head that was repeatedly saying to me; “they are laughing at you”, “they say you dream to big”, “they making you look bad before other people”, “ they, they, they” .. And then it continues “Am I really so much to laugh about?”, “Do I really dream to big?”,Am I really so.. Am I?”..

So let’s stop for a second here, at this moment when all this toughts were running through my head, I was battling a war against them and me. Do you feel any connection to this? But I was fighting for both, them and me and it really sucked life out of me. I’ve even made that far that before even anybody said anything I’ve made it in my head all this negative comments and opinions. You can imagine how disturbing this was. But I never did think about option that maybe this problem affects only me and others don’t even think about what they causing to me. My real problem was blaming others for my state of mind. I didn’t even think about option that this is only problem in my head.

So through time, when I was just sick of everything I’ve take things in my hands. I was determined that I will fix this painful thing in my life. Guess where did I have to start? Yep, me!  Well I was having very serious conversation with that little voice in my head and we made a deal. Everytime when it starts to convincing me that Im not good enough and all other stuffs, I will remind it that this are not the words I need, if it has nothing positive to say is better off quiet..

So for couple of weeks I’ve fight a battle .. I was so accustomed, to all this negative toughts, that this was really big deal for me. Sometimes I didn’t even get it that I’m thinking about some stuffs, it was so deep in my subconscious. So I start really follow about all the things I was thinking and sometimes I even write it down. I was doing that to have a view on which toughts were dominate in my head and when I caught myself thinking about that, I was trying to stop it. It’s not easy work if you’re doing something for years and you don’t even realize that.

My approaches to this were :

  • When something negative came up, I’ve stop myself from what I was doing and said to myself, “JUST STOP, there is no place in my head and life for all this negative bullsh*t” and I was trying to focus on something more positive. At the beginning I was doing this literally every 3 minuts .. So do not be surprised if you try this and the bad stuff keep coming back. It’s the way your head was probably working for a couple of years if not all of your life.

Remember : Rome was not built in a day and you can’t change yourself in seconds.

  • There were times when no matter how much I’ve tried my mind was keep bring it all back. So I’ve upload some positive videos and tracks at my phone. Just to change my focus on something else and to get me motivated. That option really helped me, cause I was force to focus on what the tape was trying to tell me. Some good music that makes your blood run faster is also good idea.
  • Read books! Good book can make your state of mind change in three pages. You are literally feeding your mind with good stuff.
  • Force your body to exercise! And don’t say no, because you didn’t exercise for a long time or never. Don’t search for excuses. Working out is a great way to let all the pain and frustration out of your body. It changes your focus and when your finish you will absolutely feel so much better of yourself.

So those things I was practice the most to change my focus and they were most helpful for me. But you can do some  research and find things that makes you happy and  pleased with yourself. Try new thing and do it for at least 3 – 5 times, to really find out if your like it or not.

When time pass and you are giving best of you, I promise that results will appear. In time your subconscious mind starts to progress in totally different directions. Don’t be surprise when your negative thoughts will be changed with positive. It will happen, it’s just a matter of time, practice and your determination.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that in some kind of  way  was help for you.



Sooner you get that, better for you!

Wheter you think  you can or you think you can’t – YOU ARE RIGHT!

Love, Taša


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